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April 10th, 2007 9:42 AM

Appraisal and Assessment Group
POB 340, 310 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, Ct  06801
203-505-3905 (Office)
888-742-3694 (Fax)



Dear Professional Mortgage Loan Officer:

As a professional courtesy, FAIRFIELD COUNTY APPRAISAL AND ASSESSMENT GROUP will be more than pleased to assist you with a "COMP CHECK." However, before we can assist you with such services, there must be a clear understanding as to what a COMP CHECK is.

As defined by this office and for the purpose of the intended use of a comp check, a comp check is nothing more than a scan of the neighborhood the subject property is located in to determine the value range of property values within a given neighborhood for similar properties possessing a similar fee simple interest as subject.

Under no circumstance is the value range reported to you the value or indicated value of any specific property including the subject property you are making inquiry of, nor is the value range to be misconstrued, misinterpreted or misunderstood to be an absolute value or value range of the property or the neighborhood.

In order for any appraiser to determine the value of any property, a minimum of a drive-by appraisal is required.  PLEASE PRINT AND FAX THIS FORM TO 888-742-3694.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ANY COMP CHECK BE PERFORMED WITHOUT A FULLY ENFORSED COMP CHECK REQUEST, SIGNED BY THE REQUESTING LOAN OFFICER.

Therefore, it is requested that you complete and submit the information required below and we will either e-mail to you or call you with our findings.  If you are a property owner, please refer to the VALUATION RESEARCH button on pages of this web site.

Company requesting comp check:__________________________________________________________

Loan Officer Name_______________________________ Telephone#_________________________


Subject Property Address_________________________________________________________________



I understand that the value range represented herein is that of the neighborhood subject property is situated in and under no circumstance is it the value of the subject property which requires at a minimum a drive-by inspection.

Loan Officers Signature____________________________ Date________________________________

Value range of neighborhood is from__________________To__________________________________

By: Property Researcher_____________________Date__________________________

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